Dr. Eugene Garfield, founding father of Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science, died at the age of 91

Health 1 March, 2017

A pioneer in indexing and quotes analysis, Garfield has had a lasting impact on scientific, medical and academic research PHILADELPHIA, February 28, 2017 / PRNewswire-FirstCall / –

Clarivate Analytics announces the death of one of its founding fathers, Dr. Eugene Garfield , and grateful for his contributions to the science of information for scientific research And academic. A pioneer in the practice of quoting analysis by developing an indexing system that has revolutionized the way researchers work with literature, Garfield died suddenly on February 26. Citation indexing was initially designed for information retrieval, but it also provided data to assess the impact of a particular research work, depending on how often the work in question was mentioned In footnote or cited by other researchers. By developing citation and infometric analysis, Garfield has created several citations databases, including Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Sciencetm and Journal Citation Reports, Other citations data for thousands of academic journals.

In 1964, the Institute for Scientific Information, the organization that Garfield founded and the precursor to Clarivate Analytics, published the first Science Citation Index. This resource listed the bibliographic contents and citations of the most influential newspapers in the world, allowing readers to follow links to citations in order to find specialized research that was most relevant to their own work. Today incorporated and greatly expanded in the online Web of Science, Garfield’s original invention continues to be a reliable and effective guide to the sprawling world of research. The Web of Science Quotation Statistics Corpus, which documents the most influential research in any field, as judged by the researchers themselves, makes it possible to evaluate and compare the performance of individuals, Institutions, nations and regions in terms of research. “It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Dr. Eugene Garfield,” says Jay Nadler , CEO of Clarivate Analytics. “Dr. Garfield’s work has revolutionized the way we consult and evaluate work around the world. We salute him for his contribution to research and our organization as a visionary leader, colleague and friend. At Clarivate Analytics, we will continue to innovate with the spirit of Dr. Garfield who is leading his revolutionary work in the information science.

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