Dragon Ball Super: A first extract of the VF unveiled!

Cinema 3 January, 2017

While the French version of Dragon Ball Super arrives soon in our TV, a first excerpt with Goku and Goten was unveiled!

It’s January 17th! If there is a date to remember for those who do not yet know the continuation of the adventures of Goku and his in Dragon Ball Super, it is this one. Indeed, a year and a half after the broadcast of the first episode of the series in Japan, DBS makes his arrival in France of an official way. This is the Toonami chain who won big at recovering the broadcast rights . It is available on all boxes and even on the web, on Molotov.tv. Then of course you are likely to follow the pace set in Japanese, and indeed we expect the episode 73 of Dragon Ball Super which will focus on Gohan . But what a pleasure to find the original voices of the saga! We will let you discover a little preview with a first excerpt of episode 1 of DBS, in French.
In the voice of Goku we recognize that of the actor Patrick Borg, who is the historical doubler of the saiyan in its adult version. The voice of Goten is also famous since it is the actress Brigitte Lecordier who provides dubbing. It was she who already lent his voice to child Goku in Dragon Ball, and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z . We’ll say what we want, it makes us want! Moreover, if you want to discover an overall rendering of the series in the language of Molière, here’s the trailer for the French version of Dragon Ball Super. Two arcs are presented for the moment: the story of the film Battle of Gods with the God of Destruction Beerus, and that of the Resurrection of F with the return of Freezer. And his original voice!