Dragon Ball Super: Episode 72, the strategy of Goku, our recap!

Cinema 26 December, 2016

Continuation and end of the confrontation between Goku and Hit, in which one discovers that our saiyan is much more smart than it lets think. Here’s our recap of episode 72 of DBS!
A surprising sponsor! Last week in the episode 71 of Dragon Ball Super , we witnessed the return of Hit, the powerful killer of the universe 6 this tournament Gods of Destruction. The latter landed on Earth for the purpose of assassinating Goku because a mysterious employer paid him for it. And he succeeded! Goku died at the end of the last episode. But we suspected, the Saiyan has managed to revive itself through a ball of ki he had let go just before being hit by Hit . The fight can then resume more beautifully, and on this Christmas day we were really spoiled so much the confrontation is epic. It is even more impressive than during the final of the tournament of the Gods, and we take full eyes.
But here it becomes really interesting, it is when one realizes that the two warriors are observed. Champa and Vados are indeed on Earth without knowing why. Vados takes the opportunity to explain more precisely the particularity of the power of Hit. One thinks then that it is she who hired Hit to kill Goku, but one will soon realize that the truth is quite different. Finally, Beerus, Whis and Vegeta are invited to the party. Goku decides to finish, and he manages to counter the power of Hit by swinging an enormous Kamehaméha. Both men are exhausted, and one finally discovers who hired Hit. It’s Goku himself! He just wanted to fight again with him and he asked Whis, who then went through his sister. It’s smart, and it was not even thought of! All is well that finishes well and Hit even drops a small smile. Now up to episode 73 of Dragon Ball Super in two weeks with Gohan in Superstar mode!