Dragon Ball Super: Episode 73, Gohan Superstar, the trailer unveiled!

Cinema 25 December, 2016

After the episode 72 of Dragon Ball Super, we continue the series next week with an episode devoted to the son of Goku! Check out the trailer of episode 73 now.
The Great Saiyaman in the spotlight! The mini-story about the return of Hit, the assassin of the universe 6, finally ended after two episodes. After being left for dead at the end of episode 71 of Super Dragon Ball , Goku has revived itself as a great resume for the fight against Hit. A really nice confrontation that will leave room for a much more funny story next week. It’s a Gohan effect, or rather the Great Saiyaman, who is going to be the hero of a movie! But we will also find Jaco, the popular Galactic Patroller. The trailer of episode 72 of DBS has been unveiled, and you are left to discover it.
Here also the official synopsis of the episode unveiled by the Weekly Shonen Jump: “Evil can be forgiven Great Saiyaman The justice appears he and Mr. Satan will have their dream fight in a movie The Great Saiyaman will be played by!!! An actor by the name of Barry Kaan but Gohan volunteers to be his liner for the dangerous stunts. Meanwhile, and while he is escorting the criminal Watagasshu, Jaco stops at a ramen stand in Space, the criminal takes advantage of it and escapes! ” Pure relaxation and lasts for year-end holidays, pending the arrival of the new arc Super Dragon Ball, which this is the synopsis on 5 February.