Dragon Ball Super: New arc, who will be the fighters of other universes?

Cinema 21 December, 2016

We are looking forward to the big inter-universe tournament of the next arc of Dragon Ball Super. But what warriors can be seen fighting Goku and the others?
More powerful than Hit? On February 5 will land the arch Survival of the Universe, the 5th story of DBS. As Tease by Toei, and as can be seen in the first trailer of the new arc of Super Dragon Ball, we’re going to a tournament of the 12 world that has the world of Dragon Ball. We already know the members of Team universe 7, which number 10 and that we know well. But what about other universes? If we can already decide on the presence of certain warriors from the universe 6 and already met in the previous tournament, we know nothing about the other universes, or almost. We must already know that logically, with 120 potential fighters, we should not see everyone in the series.
It seems almost impossible to fight so many people, so there should be a first selection as was the case with the written test of the last tournament with the elimination of Boo. Thus, if one discovers 3 or 4 warriors of each universe, the most powerful, it will already be good. So who can we see? Already for universe 6, we should find the young Kyabe. This Saiyan everything has its place in the tournament, and it could be accompanied for the occasion of the king of the planet Salada which it originated . A kind of Vegeta look-alike that promises a crazy clash between the two! If not, Hit could also be present, but it is doubtful that Botamo, Magetta and even Frost, considered too weak by Champa, are of the game.
For the remaining universes, it is the most total blur. Only universe 6 is twin of the 7, so difficult to imagine finding other saiyans, or Nameks for example. Unless these races exist all over the universe. The only universe we know a little except the 6th is the 10th. We will find Gowasu as Kaïo Shin, who could have himself chosen fighters. And of course, we must not forget the High Priest, one of the five strongest warriors in the universe according to his son Whis. Can one imagine seeing him fight? It’s possible, but we mostly expect to find the 4 other warriors! Are they gods, mortals? We wait to see it but for now this is a fight Beerus vs Hit ahead in episode 72 of Dragon Ball Super. We remain on the lookout for the next news!