Dragon Ball Super: The Top 5 of the Best Fights of 2016!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

During this year, Dragon Ball Super offered us quite a bit of epic fighting, between the tournament of the gods and the arc Trunks. Here is our ranking of the finest fights of 2016!
Vegeta vs Kyabe
In fifth place, there is a match of the Gods tournament that looked more like a training than a real match. Vegeta finds himself facing a young Saiyan from Universe 6 named Kyabe. At the beginning of the confrontation, the young boy proves his potential by playing the same game with Vegeta without transformation. But one quickly discovers that he does not even master the Super Saiyan. So Vegeta dons the role of mentor, and becomes aggressive and violent with him to push it to turn . One would think to find Piccolo with the young Gohan, who used the same method. And then see Vegeta inculcate in Kyabe the pride of the Saiyan people, we adore!
Black vs Goku
An interesting fight, and the first real confrontation of the arc Trunks. While Trunks has managed to flee his world to seek help in the present, Black Goku finds himself unwittingly in our time because of a distortion of time. A godsend for Goku to face his double. No big transformation, if not the Super Saiyan of Goku. One discovers especially the faculties of Black, which improves as it fights the saiyan. Black is finally forced to return to the future of Trunks, cutting short in combat. We will obviously find the two men later, with even more intensity in their confrontations.
Trunks vs. Black / Zamasu
During the Trunks arc, there were doubts about Trunks’ ability to resist the overpowering powers of Zamasu, who mastered only the Super Saiyan 2 to the maximum. But after being provoked by Black and Zamasu who accused him of being responsible for their absolute justice, Trunks unleashed himself and unveiled an unprecedented transformation. A sort of Super Legendary Super Saiyan (Broly style) with divine ki. With that, the son of Vegeta is on a par with Black and Zamasu, and it allows especially Goku and Vegeta to escape to the present to find a solution to overcome the two men . He will reuse this form later to complete Zamasu after launching a Genkidama.
Goku vs Hit
The second place returns to the final of the tournament of the Gods, although we hesitated to put it in number 1. The duel expected between Goku and the assassin of the universe 6 Hit finally arrives, and it does not disappoint anyone! Hit has just put Vegeta carpet very easily thanks to his technique of stop time. Goku understands the trick, and he piques the interest of the impassive Hit. There follows an evolutionary fight in which Hit manages to improve his technique, while Goku exceeds his limits by reaching the superpower Kaioken x10 in Super Saiyan Blue mode, with an enormous Kaméhaméha of the families in conclusion. Very heavy!
Vegetto vs Zamasu ultimate
In the first place of the top, it was necessary to fight between the two most powerful warriors that exist, except Gods of Destruction and Angels. Zamasu and Black have merged thanks to their potalas to create an invincible supreme being. Faced with this, Goku and Vegeta were soon forced to imitate them to become Vegetto again. An ultimate fusion that dominates the Super Saiyan Blue. Inevitably, the fight is dantesque, and Vegetto galley more in this fight than against Boo. But while Zamasu is gradually transformed into a creature because of its fusion, that of Vegetto ends! It is finally Trunks that will finish work at the end of the Trunks arc. And before the arrival of the new history, discover the trailer of episode 73 of Dragon Ball Gohan Super Superstar!