Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple, a shot up?

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

Are Drake and Jennifer Lopez really a couple? For if this story makes a real buzz on the Web, it may well be that it is actually only a blow of pub!
This is the news everyone is talking about. On social networks, the twittos are also delighted at the subject. You do not then have missed this information because Drake and Jennifer Lopez would be the new couple vogue in Hollywood . And faced with this supposed new romance, Rihanna took a radical decision that might surprise you. But what about this “romance”? That’s what fans would like to know. The more we dwell on the details of this “love story”, the more doubt creeps in as to the real reason for it . So many Internet users are questioning themselves. And they’re not the only ones doing it! The editorial ‘of melty also wondered whether the relationship between Drake and Jennifer Lopez is not just a buzz operation. The reason ? The photo released by the interpreter of “One Dance” on Instagram . A cliché on which we see tenderly embrace the singer of Puerto Rican origin. But this hug seems almost staged. In fact, both celebrities published it at the same time on the social network. Why then want to absolutely teaser the beginnings of their “idyll” on the net? That is the question. But that’s not all…
As we know, Jennifer Lopez and Drake are very close. Therefore, they are also long-time friends, suspicion on a more than friendly relationship soon began to invade the Web when they are displayed ultra accomplices in Las Vegas . And yet, a source recently revealed to People that the two celebrities were actually trying to work together to unveil a brand new song. But then, this supposed love story would not it finally be a blow of pub and this, in order to create buzz around their next single? That is possible . Last but not least, the love Drake door to Barbadian can clearly cast doubt on the veracity of his feelings for Jennifer Lopez . Because Rihanna is supported by Internet users face this big buzz, certainly represents one of the women with the most important in the life of Drizzy . And it is he himself who says so. Remember, it was in August 2016, and the Canadian singer revealed to the world to be in love with RiRi at the ceremony of MTV VMA 2016 . How then could he forget him so quickly knowing that they would have separated in October? Difficult therefore to know what is true or not. Is it just a marketing idea to boost their careers and attract attention or is this the beginning of a true love story? Only time will tell . In any case, it is a matter that we will follow closely! So, shot up or genuine romance?