Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple, are they happy together?

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

We can say that Drake and Jennifer Lopez were able to mark the end of the year 2016 in the best way: by formalizing their relationship! If some imagine a couple by strategy, the two new lovebirds seem all the same rather happy together …
One can say that it will have been the most surprising couple of this end of year 2016 but also the couple that will be more than followed in the beginning of 2017 … Drake and Jennifer Lopez surprised many people and this Is certainly not finished. The most surprising was undoubtedly been Rihanna when she realized that her former boyfriend had moved on to something else, much to the despair of the fans of the couple who still had hope of a reconciliation. Is the couple Jennifer Lopez / Drake a vengeance against Rihanna? This is the question that many people are asking! If the video of their kiss posted a few days ago ignited the Web, it would seem that the new Hollywood couple is more than happy, it is in any case what a source close has entrusted to People Magazine .
What if Jennifer Lopez and Drake were a couple to make the buzz? This is the rumor of the week! Who knows after all. In any case if one believes confidences from a source close to the two artists, they would be more than happy together: “They are very happy together (…) Their friends have no idea where! their relationship will lead them ” . And it would seem that J.Lo is ready to fully engage with rapper 17 years younger: . “There is no chance she gets back with Casper Smart (her partner) He tries to convince they should give a second chance but she closed the door on that possibility. this door is not even closed, it is now sealed ” , revealed the same source. Will 2017 finally be the year when Jennifer Lopez and Drake finally found the great love? In any case, the singer is “very excited to start this new year” and would have spent “considerable time with Drake and even visited his house” as the source of People Magazine . Early this year, we can only wish the best for this new couple! do you think Drake and Jennifer Lopez look good together?