Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple: Rihanna clashes their relationship!

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

Nothing goes between Drake, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. Besides, the Barbadian would be very angry with her ex and would not hesitate to clash her couple!
Recently, Rihanna Clashe Jennifer Lopez is currently dating Drake . The American singer did not hesitate to say what she thinks of this relationship. Because yes, for a few weeks, it’s the couple that everyone is talking about. Not a single day passes without the two lovebirds making the buzz on the Web! Because, nobody expected it, and yet, Drizzy and JLo were indeed surprised many Internet by unveiling their romance to the world . First accomplices on Instagram , the two artists were quickly moved into high gear kissing at a party organized between friends. Subsequently, the New Year they celebrated together. A brand new romance that leaves no one indifferent! Starting with Rihanna who has not hesitated to tackle once again the two lovers .
According to indiscretions reported by the tabloid Spy , Rihanna consider the relationship between Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a “bullshit” . Besides, it would make her “sick” according to statements from a source in New Zealand site. But that’s not all ! The young woman would find it hard not to blame her former friend and ex-boyfriend for having married. So she does not mind to put Drake in his place at any opportunity . “Rihanna is just happy not cheated by this setup. It prefer it to be rather than Jennifer” says the source. And the revelations do not stop there! If one believes the words of one informant to Hollywood Life , the interpreter of “Needed Me” would have taken a radical decision: never out with rapper. That should make talking about social networks. In any case, far dramas, Drizzy and JLo are enjoying their relationship. And you may not know but Drake has always had a crush on Jennifer Lopez. In your opinion, can tensions subside between Rihanna, Drake and Jennifer Lopez?