Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple: Rihanna reacts with rage!

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

For some time, Jennifer Lopez and Drake are turning around. This Wednesday, December 28, the bomba latina and the beautiful Canadian brat have both posted a more than explicit picture where they tenderly cuddle. Internet users already see in them the key pair of the year 2016.

But what are they playing?
In recent weeks, Jennifer Lopez and Drake have fun with their nerves and are pleased to sow doubt about their possible couple (which incidentally appeared to be perfect).
When it all started on December 12 Jennifer Lopez posted a selfie Where She Appears Alongside Drake . The legend, she explains that she is the only one in the world.
After that, things are accelerating. On the Internet rumors are rife since the bomba latina 47 years and the hunk 30 are spotted together Several times A Few days after the famous photograph .

Then the theories are born. Indeed everything agrees. Jennifer Lopez has just separated from her boyfriend Casper Smart for infidelity. For his part, Drake has just received a rejection from the beautiful Rihanna who has been keeping him waiting for almost a decade. Drake loves women of character, Jennifer Lopez.
Then, J-Lo cancels a concert planned on the evening of December 31 in Miami to finally stay with her family on New Year’s Eve … She decides to stay where she is now: Las Vegas. City where precisely, Drake will do a show that night!
Finally, the picture posted today, Wednesday, December 28, 2016 Seemed to confirm all the rumors and the canvas is already boiling … Even Rihanna comes to instant removal of Subscribers Jennifer Lopez on Instagram and THUS Indirectly, in turn confirm the new love That is born . Jalouse?
So far, the two singers were very friendly since Jennifer Lopez Did not hesitate to honor Rihanna wearing waders denim Manolo Blahnik designed by the bardadienne in her video “I is not your mama.”