Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple? Rihanna supported by Internet users

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

This is the news that ignites the Web! But if Drake and Jennifer Lopez are the supposed new Hollywood couple, Internet users continue to support Rihanna.
Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple? Rihanna takes a radical decision and it may surprise you. Just like the supposed new relationship between the two celebrities. Because yes, for some time, Drake and Jennifer Lopez are becoming closer. Together at a concert in Las Vegas singer, the two artists have not failed to make the online buzz by displaying very accomplices. As a result, Internet users have questioned the nature of their relationship. But are they really more than just friends? That is the question everyone is asking. And the answer is eagerly awaited! Because this new romance inspires people to the point that the Canadian rapper and bomba latina quickly became both trending topics on Twitter . But if some Internet users have confided that they would love to see the two stars live an idyll, others have expressed their dissatisfaction. But among these many tweets, fans of Rihanna also made themselves heard while supporting the Barbadian. Anthology .
The reactions were numerous. For if Drake and Jennifer Lopez were truly amazed viewers, they did not hesitate to express their feelings regarding the situation. Therefore, Rihanna is the star on the set of Ocean’s 8 , in turn, became one of the trending topics on Twitter . Besides, some of his fans said that the Canadian rapper was trying to send a message to RiRi by posing as close to Jlo . “Drake does everything to make Rihanna jealous. That’s why the eye on the picture” wrote a user with humor. But that’s not all ! Since many of them were also surprised that the interpreter of “Hotline Bling” can be in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez when he made a statement to Rihanna, the night of the MTV VMA 2016 : “Drake and Jlo ? a man does not confess his love for a woman so publicly if he did not think so. it’s not in his nature. it is Rih has his heart ” or ” Rihanna is the best woman with whom Drake was able to get out. Try to say the opposite. ” Finally, there are those who continue to believe that the Aubrih couples will eventually get back together : “Everyone is happy for Drake and JLO but I hope someday Rihanna and Drake are getting married.” Comments that do not go unnoticed and prove how Internet users support the interpreter of “Bitch Better Have My Money.” And you, are you Team Rihanna or Team Drake / Jlo?