Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple? Rihanna takes a radical decision

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

It is the rumor that ignites the Web! Drake and Jennifer Lopez would be in couple … A news that Rihanna did not like very much that then decided to take revenge.
Heats up in Hollywood! If the editorial ‘of melty recently revealed that Drake was desperate to regain Rihanna , it seems that in reality it is passed on. Since according to the latest rumors, the Canadian rapper would have found love in the arms of Jennifer Lopez . It all started when the two celebrities were seen very close to each other at one of the concerts of the singer in Las Vegas . From then on, suspicions soon began to grow among Internet users. But that’s not all ! Drake has once again intensified doubts about the nature of his relationship with the interpreter of “Is not Your Mama” ! Because, the young man of 30 years has published on Instagram a photo of him being tenderly cuddling pretty Puerto Rican . A cliché that did not fail to make the buzz on the Web. But faced with this news, Rihanna made a decision more radical …
Social networks are then quickly inflamed when Drake and Jennifer Lopez have started to be very accomplices. “Jen and Drake have tried to keep their romance secret by pretending that they are going to make a duet but the truth is that they are together. They have been seeing each other for several weeks now and her friends say she is already love ” told a source in the Sun . A highly unpleasant situation for Rihanna has decided to unfollow the bomba latina on Instagram . “Rihanna’s relatives confess that she is very unhappy about this story because a few months ago she was still with Drake. Jen is one of her friends in the music industry so she was amazed ” has also renchéri the informant. Is it then a way for the interpreter of “Needed Me” to know that it does not validate any of this supposed relationship? It looks like it! And fans have responded quickly: The Barbadian did it unconsciously confirmed the couple making this gesture? It is highly likely . In any case, even if the decision risk of talk on the Internet, Rihanna is supported by Internet users. And you, do you believe that Drake and Jennifer Lopez are a couple?