Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple: The first tensions appear

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

While Drake and Jennifer Lopez are one of the most buzzing couples of recent months, tensions are beginning to appear between the two celebrities!
Since late 2016, Drake and Jennifer Lopez are the center of attention. Yes, both celebrities make an incredible buzz on social networks. The reason ? Their idyll still surprises the surfers. It’s simple, no one expected that Drake and Jennifer Lopez become the couple DraLo . Let alone Rihanna did not hesitate to clashing the two lovebirds on Instagram . Because yes, you are not without knowing that before cooing to the side of the pretty Puerto Rican, the Canadian rapper lived a romance with the beautiful Barbadian. Suffice to say that in recent months have been hectic in the sphere people. And if Drizzy and JLo were accused of being together for the buzz, the two celebrities continue to prove that they really love and this, for the delight of their fans. But as their relationship has just begun, the two artists must now face a disagreement.
The first tensions appear between Drake and Jennifer Lopez . If everything goes in their careers – both artists have confirmed their collaboration – on the side of their private lives, things get complicated. Because, according to In Touch , the two lovebirds would not have the same expectations about the future of their relationship. According to rumors, the interpreter of “Hotline Bling” would like to have children with the interpreter of “Is not Your Mama.” Unfortunately for him, the singer of 47 years is far from ready and as it is already the mother of two children, twins Emme and Max from his first marriage to Marc Anthony . “She does not want more babies but Drake is at a time in his life when he decided to start a family, then it creates problems” was also a source told American tabloid. In other words, the two celebrities seem absolutely not on the same wavelength. Differences of ideas that could well complicate their romance . Drake and Jennifer Lopez will they then successfully operate their relationship? Only the future will tell. In your opinion, can the romance between Drake and Jennifer Lopez last?