Drake and Jennifer Lopez in couple, Rihanna clash by Maeva Anissa!

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

If Drake and Jennifer Lopez are criticized on the Web, Rihanna also takes for his grade. The proof, the singer was clashed by Maeva Anissa!

Between the polemics around the clan Kardashian-Jenner and torque rumors about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez , we must admit that the year 2016 has been eventful for celebrities. And the latest news is not likely to change things. Because, in recent days, Jennifer Lopez and Drake are at the heart of attention . Moreover, since they are displayed very close to Las Vegas and photo, the two celebrities are constantly reacting on social networks. And if Rihanna had an amazing reaction by stopping the bomba latina follow on Instagram , Internet users are not deprived to give their opinion up to tackle the Barbadian about his jealousy. But while Rihanna was quickly supported by its community of fans , others were quick to clashing. Reflecting Maeva Anissa .
Known for not having his tongue in his pocket, Maeva Anissa did not so shy to express his feelings regarding the matter Rihanna, Drake and Jennifer Lopez . The former candidate of reality that was especially seen in the Island of 4 Truths tweeted: “Even when your name Rihanna fresh’re young you got green eyes caramel skin you can do you double a quarantine. (sic) ” a comment that does not go unnoticed and that has a lot to react on the social network. Moreover, most followers of the former columnist Mad Mag were quick to agree with him. “But JLo and downright cool at his age,” wrote one of them, obviously agree with the opinion of Maeva Anissa . As nabilla benattia who also like the tweet. But far critical, Rihanna she prefers to break in Barbados and is radiant! And you, what do you think of the tackle of Maeva Anissa?