Drake and Jennifer Lopez in couple, Rihanna clashe the singer!

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

The war is declared between Rihanna and Drake! The proof, the Barbadian did not hesitate to tackle the new girlfriend of his ex, Jennifer Lopez.
It was the news that surprised many. While nobody expected, Drake and Jennifer Lopez have formalized their relationship. A surprising relationship that did not fail to react on the social networks. Internet users have not hesitated to express themselves on this idyll: true romance or simple marketing blow? Doubt remains. But while the two lovebirds continue to show closer than ever, there is one that does not seem very excited about this new love story and it’s none other than Rihanna . Because yes, visibly hurt that her friend still can go out with her ex-boyfriend, the Barbadian did not hesitate to unfollow the bomba latina on Instagram . But that’s not all ! For if the editorial ‘of melty recently questioned whether Rihanna would respond to the challenge of Drake , it would seem that she did that.
You may not realize it but Rihanna Diamonds whose album became platinum in the US six times , and Drake turned around for 7 years. And while the couple Aubrih made the happiness of many fans, their break was very badly lived. So that when the Canadian rapper started his new romance with Jennifer Lopez , it was quickly cataloged as “the greatest betrayals” by Rihanna and if we are to believe the words of a source that s is entrusted to in Touch . But the revelations do not end there! As always from the informant, the interpreter of “Bitch Better Have My Money” would feel that JLo is “desperate.” The indiscreet adds: “Rihanna and Jennifer have always been good friends She even already entrusted to JLo about her tumultuous relationship with Drake before Rihanna is really hurt Jennifer is a traitor to her….” New statements that are not likely to please the main concerned. Case to follow therefore. Do you think Rihanna is jealous?