Drinks with a view tonight : how to avoid the hangover tomorrow morning ?

Health 31 December, 2017


Published on 31.12.2017 17: 00


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Avoid absorption too fast

It is necessary first to dilute some of the products contained in the alcohol, the ethers, who are also responsible for the headache. Then, drink alcohol, of agreement, but also a good glass of water, regularly during the course of the evening, especially if the temperature is high, it is free everywhere !
In addition, this will prevent too much alcohol concentrate will not damage the lining of your stomach, the membrane that lines the inner wall of the stomach, and which may have small bleeding after intake of alcohol (one sees these small hemorrhages of the wall by endoscopy). The south Americans are very much addicted to the hypothesis that digestive and can be treated so the heartburn as a preventive measure.

Minimise mixtures

It comes back to the so-called ethers, which are contained in the alcohol. They are different for different wines and alcohol, and those are old, most ethers are aggressive for the brain. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid mixtures of alcohols at a maximum : no more than 2. Or total fidelity to a drink, which is often also a factor of moderation.

Avoid dehydration

Finally, it is important to know that the terrible discomfort of the next day is mainly due to… dehydration. Alcohol, in effect, removes the effects of a hormone that controls the volume of our urine. The mechanism of fluids in our body is, indeed, very complex for us to protect against dehydration and has a chemical control very accurate. When we drink. The hormone control, the hormone anti-diuretic, decreases its secretion, I’m going to pee and the water balance of the body is preserved. When you drink alcohol, the hormone is ineffective. There is more control. So we will go to the bathroom frequently, which seems normal, as you drink. Yes, but now, with the alcohol, it removes more water than you swallow. Therefore, it dehydrates.
In case of high intake of alcohol, and therefore drink more, but water. It is necessary to drink for, even if it seems difficult in the context of the feast. And it is necessary to drink after, when you return to the house and throughout the night, regularly.
If the earth is not moving too much, it is necessary to take one or two tablets of paracetamol in a glass of water, and then go to bed with, at hand, the inevitable bottle of water, carbonated or not, depending on taste. You see, the thirst will wake you inevitably. There will be more than to stretch out your arm to wake you at just about fit and fresh.

Finally, remember that it is not a question of driving to go back home when you have drunk more than reason. It takes more than an hour for the body to eliminate roughly a glass of wine. Some will not have finished the job the next morning.