Dua Lipa unveils Scared to Be Lonely, discover the pop sensation of the moment

Entertainment 30 January, 2017

Presented on the title “Scared to Be Lonely” by Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa is the pop sensation of the moment. But who is really the Briton that everyone gets ripped off?
We are valid! As every Monday morning, the editorial melty.fr music looks back at the artists that will mark this year 2017. After Nayra, Alma and The Spins, spotlight Dua Lipa , singer that everyone will talk about for Of weeks. But who is she really? Born on 22 August 1995 by Albanian parents and raised in Kosovo, Dua Lipa had to wait patiently for her 16th birthday so that she could land in London in hopes of breaking into music. And while you were told what is expected of the next album by Selena Gomez (who was studio in return) , Dua Lipa, it is on course to surprise us with his first album, simply titled Dua Lipa. Yes, very much inspired by Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado and Pink, Dua Lipa always wanted to do pop. Plus, his first singles were very well received across the Channel. “Be the One” is already a tube in the UK while “Hotter Than Hell” and “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” have only qu’asseoir her maiden status monitor.
No wonder that our good old Sean Paul it is interested and has appealed to her for the song “No Lie” , the first single from what will be the seventh studio album of the singer. Magnetic gaze and ingenuous pout, the 21-year-old singer attracts attention and attracts attention. Last year, it even made the first part of Suburbia Tour de Troye Sivan ! And while we wondered there is little if “Everyday” is the latest single Ariana Grande extract Dangerous Woman , Dua Lipa did not fail to pick up on a duet with Martin Garrix, DJ superstar author of “in the Name of Love” or “Animals” . Posted on last Friday, the clip is a hit on YouTube. At the time of writing, the 6 million views have been reached for a long time! And until the release of the first album Dua Lipa (2 June 2017), there is a safe bet that it will link the electro-pop collaborations. The one that signed with Warner Bros has a beautiful future in front of her and it is with pleasure that we welcome her in the great family of artists that we have validated! What do you think about Dua Lipa?