Dumbo: Michael Keaton confirmed in the role of villain

Cinema 4 July, 2017

Micheal Keaton officially confirmed his participation in the Dumbo live-action directed by Tim Burton.

This is precise! We announced it on melty, many cartoons of our childhood will soon return to the cinema in live-action mode. After the worldwide successes of Cinderella and more recently La Belle and La Bête, the studios have understood that there is a real demand from the spectators. While the productions of Aladdin or even of Mulan have started without the main actors, they know much more about the live-action of Dumbo that will be realized by the great Tim Burton! Who says big real says incredible casting and it is not the list of actors who participate in the project that will give us wrong!

Colin Farrell was announced in the lead role of a father of two widowed children come to discover the circus, Eva Green will play it the role of a French trapeze artist named Collette. While Michael Keaton is currently promoting Spider-Man Homecoming, he recently confirmed his participation in the film and will lend his traits to the villain aka Vandemere, the owner of the unscrupulous circus ready to do anything to make a profit. We obviously trust Tim Burton to capture this very special universe and Michael Keaton seems happy to collaborate with him because he said: “We always want to work with him. We want to gravitate around him because he is Original and unique, it is an artist “. We agree !