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Entertainment 15 December, 2017

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The american actor Dustin Hoffman is once again accused of sexual harassment and assault by three women, two of whom testify face to face, in Variety. One of them was a minor at the time of the facts.

In the magazine Variety, the three women accuse the american actor Dustin Hoffman, best known for his roles in Rain Manou again Tootsie, harassment, and sexual assault. Two of the three alleged victims wanted to testify with their faces uncovered. This is the case of Cori Thomas. The young woman, who was 16 years old at the time of the supposed facts, was a classmate of the daughter of Dustin Hoffman. Today actress, she asserts that the american actor was presented naked in front of her in a hotel room and made sexual comments. She says with a sigh of relief to have been able to leave the room, thanks to a phone call from his mother.

Another victim, Melissa Kester, rumored to have been sexually assaulted by Dustin Hoffman in sound recordings for the film Ishtar, released in 1987. According to his words, the actor would have discreetly slipped a hand into the pants of the young woman before inserting her fingers into her sex. He would have done the same with an actress of 22 years that reflects also in Variety. Mark Neubauer, the lawyer of the actor, found that his allegations were ” lies and defamatory “. Over the last two months, three women had already accused the actor Dustin Hoffman of harassment or assault sexual.

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