Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) accomplices for Entertainment Weekly!

Entertainment 12 May, 2017

They marked the spirits with the 13 Reasons Why series. For Entertainment Weekly, Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford are ultra complices
It’s THE series that has been a sensation for several weeks. At the same time acclaimed and criticized, 13 Reasons Why does not react badly on the Web. In any case, after an explosive first season, fans of the Netflix TV show had the pleasure of learning excellent news. Yes, the series of Selena Gomez, 13 Reasons Why, will have a good season 2 . Can the series really do better than the first episodes? Only the future will tell us. In any case, since the success of the program, the two main actors, Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford are in all minds , but mostly, are everywhere .
But they’re both cute! The two central characters of 13 Reasons Why took the pose for Entertainment Weekly. If we do not know yet what season 2 of the show TV will be made, we learned at least one thing: Hannah Baker will be well back in season 2 of 13 Reasons Why . In any case, in this photoshoot, which can be considered banal at first, it can clearly be seen that Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette are very complicit. We do not know for you, but we are really looking forward to finding them soon in the rest of the series. So, what do you think of this photoshoot with the stars of 13 Reasons Why?