Dylan O’Brien and Britt Roberston in love, discover what they hate in their couple!

Entertainment 29 January, 2017

It is sometimes difficult to be a couple when you are an actor in Hollywood. Even more so when both people do this job … And yet, Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson seem to be doing well!
It’s been 5 years since Britt Robertson and Dylan O’Brien are in love. The two actors fell in love on the set of the film “The First Time” where they are the two main characters. Since then, their relationship that is very discreet seems to persist and that is all we wish them! It is true that it is difficult to find out more about their relationship, what they do together, where they are … Dylan O’Brien is very active on social networks, or even absent since his accident there Has practically a year. As for Britt Roberston, it’s even worse since its last tweet date of 2014. It can be said that compare to other couples of Hollywood, they do not expose at all! Which is perhaps more than beneficial for their relationship … By cons, they do not stop talking about them in their respective interviews! Besides, Britt Robertson unveiled an unusual story about Dylan O’Brien but also a beautiful proof of love. If the two actors seem to represent the perfect couple, there is still something they do not like in their relationship …
It is true that Dylan O’Brien like Britt Robertson, are rather discreet and timid personalities, it is for this reason that even between them, the two actors do not bear to be on a shoot with the other out of shame. This is the surprising revelation that Britt Robertson made during an interview: “I hate it when he is on the set to watch me work He hates it when I’m on the set and it works vice versa (.. …) I think it makes sense because we are very shy and sensitive about working in front of others, for me it makes sense, I do not know why. me. I’m like that too with my family. the people I care about, I do not want to make them aware of the whole process of being an actor ” . While filming and so the “separations” are linked to the two actors, so they rarely have this problem because they must plan their holidays together: “Nothing is a surprise to both of us We are all the time. now therefore work must coordinate our vacation and our trips to be very meticulous ” . A relationship that seems nevertheless to roll to perfection despite the distance that causes their trade. Next week, Dylan O’Brien is officially back in Teen Wolf! Discover a new clip where Stiles is ready to join Lydia in episode 10! Do you follow the two actors on Twitter?