Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Sangster, the new bromance in vogue?

Entertainment 15 May, 2017

Exit Tyler Posey with the end of Teen Wolf? Dylan O’Brien is in the heart of a new duo now! A bromance with Thomas Sangster that he found recently with the filming of the Labyrinth …
For several years, the name of Dylan O’Brien hardly rhymes without that of Tyler Posey! The two co-stars of Teen Wolf who have become like best friends to the life as on the screen did not leave a sole. With the end of the series, is this the end of the bromance of Dylan and Tyler? If the two actors will not be together again on the set, it is hoped that their friendship will not stop and will continue well in their personal lives. It must be said that the Stiles interpreter is becoming more and more renowned and that his agenda is well loaded, especially since he must catch up with the delay caused by his accident that occurred a year ago. Back on the set, Especially on that of the Labyrinth, The Deadly Remedy , Dylan O’Brien has found the family that makes up the cast of the saga. He mostly found the interpreter of Newt, one of his acolytes in the film! Exit Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Sangster would be the new bromance of the moment? Anyway, the latter loves Dylan!
It is well known that each film set and every cast there is like a second family for many actors. And this is once again the case with that of the saga of the Labyrinth ! If fans of the films are persuaded that a bromance between Newt and Thomas is present, they are not totally wrong. But not only ! Between the two actors, a strong friendship has also been created over the years. In a recent interview with Boys by Girls , Thomas Sangster returned to his very first scene, which he shot with his sidekick, the one near the campfire in the very first part of the Labyrinth : “It was great to see Which he knows very well, Another duo faces Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey … KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse! Who is the most popular duo? What bromance do you prefer?