Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) get together!

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

The return of the famous duo to the city like on the screen O’Brien / Posey is finally here! And the fans love it. Taking advantage of a few days of rest between two shoots and end-of-year celebrations, the two acolytes took the opportunity to spend a little time together.
For a few weeks now, Dylan O’Brien has made her big comeback on the set of shooting of Teen Wolf after finishing that of American Assassin on which it was since early September. But is this the end of Teen Wolf for Dylan O’Brien? If the fans hope not, a rumor has tormented the social networks. If Dylan O’Brien was back to finish the scenes of the first part of season 6 that he could not finish before his accident at the beginning of the year, a rumor announced that it was the end for Dylan O’Brien and that he would not be in the second part of the season. A total panic for the fans! Fortunately, members of the crew quickly reassured the fans. Friends on the screen as the city now, Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien took advantage of the return of the latter to spend some time together!
If Scott and Stiles are true “bestfriends forever” , it is almost the same for Dylan and Tyler. The two actors may have known each other on the shooting of Teen Wolf but they have become very close friends and their friendly alchemy is on the screen. And of course, they do not miss an opportunity to spend time together, especially since Dylan’s return on the set. And lately on Tyler Posey’s Snapchat account, fans have noticed that the two actors spent an evening together. Why ? On one of the videos, we can clearly hear the voice of Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey speaking in front of the chimney fire of the latter who, if we believe the few guitar riffs, had fun To make a small beef. Dylan and Tyler together? Fans love it! If the year has not started very well for the actor, it can be said that it ends on better grades. Find the year 2016 of Dylan O’Brien in 3 dates! Do you watch Teen Wolf?