Dylan O’Brien: Britt Robertson unveils an unusual story about the actor

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

If some fans still doubted the existence of the couple that Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson form, they are still together. And we can say that the actress is ready for anything for her boyfriend, even to cross the country to come see him urgently!
Are Britt Robertson and Dylan O’Brien still in a couple? This is the question that was posed to the editing of melty.fr a few weeks ago. While the couple was formed on the filming of “The First Time” , we can say that the two actors are very discreet in their relationship, or any media exposure on social networks! A very different fact from most Hollywood couples and this is most certainly what helps to hold their relationship. Britt Robertson and Dylan O’Brien are so discreet it’s hard to even know if they’re still together or not! If some fans doubted that the couple was still topical, it is still good! Currently promo for the film “Space Between Us” , the girlfriend of Dylan O’Brien confirmed their relationship by unveiling an anecdote about the actor Teen Wolf and it is both sweet and hilarious!
Not all girlfriends would be able to do that, what a lucky Dylan! One day, while Britt Robertson was filming in Vancouver, she received a disturbing appeal from the filming producer where Dylan was in Atlanta, the latter revealing that her boyfriend was going to be taken to the hospital. If Britt Robertson thought it was something like appendicitis, she did not hesitate to stop shooting for three hours to Seattle before recovering her two dogs and leaving for Atlanta to be with Dylan O’Brien. Once there, Britt Robertson discovered that her boyfriend did not suffer exactly what she had imagined but simply small intestinal problems, we will avoid spoiling the glamorous image of Dylan O’Brien with the details! In any case, we can say that Britt Robertson is a model girlfriend ready to run at the bedside of her boyfriend even while shooting. There’s no doubt that Dylan O’Brien would be able to do the same for her girlfriend! Back on film sets since September, Dylan O’Brien will soon be back on the set of the Labyrinth 3 ! Do you like the couple Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson?