Dylan O’Brien Soon on the Road to American Assassin?

Entertainment 17 April, 2017

After a few weeks of filming, it’s time for a short break for Dylan O’Brien. A little rest for the Stiles interpreter? It never stops!
Dylan O’Brien has become one of the rising stars of American cinema, thanks to his role in Teen Wolf and his talent on the big screen . Even if an accident would have prevented other actors from resuming the shoot, this is not the case of the 25-year-old actor! Barely six months after his accident on the filming of Labyrinth 3, Le Remède Mortel , Dylan O’Brien resumed his engagements with admirable determination. For the last few weeks, Thomas’ interpreter in the Labyrinth saga was back in order to resume work where he had stopped after his accident. It is in South Africa that Dylan s’ Is flown for some time before taking a break of the shootings in order to return to Los Angeles. If this return is suddenly seen the shooting of the third part of the Labyrinth , some fans quickly panicked about any possible Dylan O’Brien health problem. But no panic! Dylan O’Brien is back in Los Angeles for professional reasons …
Upon his return on the sets, it is on the American Assassin Dylan O’Brien made his big comeback. A role totally different from those we know the actor but which risks to surprise many. While the release of the film is scheduled for next September, lucky fans have had the opportunity to discover the film previews during a very private screening. The launch a little ahead of the film would be the reason for the return of Dylan O’Brien in Los Angeles! A short break that should last only a few days since the actual promotion of American Assassin will only begin this summer when he will then travel the four corners of the world to promote his new film . Perhaps we will have the right to the passage of the interpreter of “Mitch Rapp” in France? More than just crossing your fingers … Between Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Cody Christian and Colton Haynes, find out why we love the actors of Teen Wolf ! Do you look forward to discovering Dylan O’Brien in American Assassin?