Dylan O’Brien: Teen Wolf is not finished for him!

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

The end of Teen Wolf has arrived for Dylan O’Brien? That’s what fans fear! But no panic, a source of the set of the series confided on the subject …
Since last September, Dylan O’Brien has taken the path of the many filming that awaited him and which were paused following its accident occurred in March 2016 on the plateau of the third part of the Labyrinth. It is first of all on the shooting of American Assassin that the actor of 25 years made his return before slip again in the skin of Stiles last December. And for the return of Dylan O’Brien for season 6 of Teen Wolf, find his best shooting photos! For 15 days, the Stiles interpreter would have shot the few scenes he missed in the last episode of the first part of the season as well as his scenes for the second part. But a question turns in the minds of the fans … Dylan O’Brien will be well in the continuation of the final season of Teen Wolf? Given the turn of events in relation to the Ghost Riders and Stiles, many fans are afraid that Episode 10 is the latest for the actor. If one believes a source close to production, this is not the case!
On the last day of filming in December for Dylan O’Brien, many members of the team paid tribute to him, which fueled the rumor of a possible non-return of the actor in the rest of the series. If one believes the blog owner Teen Wolf News would have contacts with some people on the set of the series, that person would have had information about that a few days ago: “I got an email Of one of my new friends in the production of Teen Wolf. It was simple and straightforward “Do you want a little scoop? Promise me not to tell anyone that it comes from me? “I replied quickly in the affirmative. Of course we wanted a scoop! A scoop coming from the shoot is always welcome. Not what was going to happen. “You’ll hear it first. The 610 will not be the last episode of Dylan O’Brien ” , as can be seen written on his site. A news which should officially confirm very quickly and that may please the fans of Teen Wolf! Dylan O’Brien n ‘has not finished with Teen Wolf! Discover the unusual story of Britt Robertson Dylan O’Brien! Imagine the following free Teen Wolf Dylan O’Brien?