Dylan O’Brien: The end of Teen Wolf for the actor?

Entertainment 24 December, 2016

A rumor about Dylan O’Brien and his future with the team of Teen Wolf agitates the social networks but especially worries the fans … Will the actor be in the second part of the season?
Big sadness for fans of Teen Wolf! While they waited several months long delayed diffusion of the ultimate season of the show, the wolfies will unfortunately have to wait until January 3 to discover episode 6! Teen Wolf will not have passed over the famous hiatus of winters … Courage, only a few days to wait! There are some days, Dylan O’Brien has officially made his return to the filming of the series , to the delight of fans. It was planned for the Stiles interpreter to complete his scenes for episode 10 of the first part of the season that had not yet been shot with the accident he suffered at the beginning of the year. It took only a few days for Dylan O’Brien to catch up on the shooting of Teen Wolf. For the occasion, part of the cast as well as the whole team gave a small party to celebrate the official end of filming of the first part of this season 6. Would they also celebrated something else …? For example, the starting Dylan O’Brien of the series? This is the rumor that turns on social networks …

The second part of season 6 without Dylan O’Brien and Stiles? Impossible ! Teen Wolf Teen Wolf would not be without the best friend of “True Alpha” . Yet a rumor that this last day of shooting was the latest of Dylan O’Brien for his adventure in Teen Wolf … After several hours of panic, a member of the crew, Mr. Adam West has reassured fans in panic: “He (Dylan) turned three weeks in February and two weeks in December, including all known over the last two weeks we turned the contents of 8 different episodes, including episodes of 6A and 6B.. everything is turned into disorder depending on the availability of players ” , he has unveiled by private message on Twitter after numerous requests from fans. It is then the turn of Will Wallace, one of the writers of the show, to respond to this rumor: “Keep in mind that IF Dylan is not in 6B, this decision was not Unfortunately, the world does not revolve around Teen Wolf and his fans, although I hope so.Remember, Dylan had a terrible accident that upset many programs and plans that were already launched. As a result, the fate of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars was questioned. The contracts were already signed and the departure dates had to be changed, but once the machine is launched, it can not stop ” . Something to silence this famous rumor. The year 2016 by Dylan O’Brien? Rediscover it in 3 dates! Do you look forward to seeing Teen Wolf in early January?