Dylan O’Brien: Why did he become the icon of a whole generation?

Entertainment 6 August, 2017

Impossible not to love Dylan O’Brien, really! The actor of Teen Wolf has become one of the favorite heads of Internet users of all ages and his growing film career does not hinder his behavior which is the same from the beginning …

For some years now, it’s hard to miss the name of Dylan O’Brien. If the 25-year-old actor has been shown to the forefront with his interpretation of Stiles in the Teen Wolf series since 2011, his name is now in almost every mouth of the new generation and it is not likely to s ‘Stop. While it has recently returned to the end of Teen Wolf with touching words , Dylan is now not only known for his role in the famous series of MTV , which will end this summer but also for his portrayal of Thomas in Saga of the Labyrinth . And the more months pass, the more and more his fame grows. With a very strong fanbase behind him,

The lucky ones who had the opportunity to meet Dylan O’Brien in person will all say, his character Stiles sticks to him and was totally made for him because interpreter and character are not totally different, and c Is a point that fans love. Courageous, determined, loyal, adorable, discreet, timid, natural, humble, close to his fans but above all … Who has his feet on the ground! While his cinematographic career is growing, he is not part of his actors who take the big head as soon as the spots are on them. On the contrary, Dylan O’Brien remains as close and generous with his fans! Let us recall all the same the numerous compliments of the fans, Whether it’s in the United States on the streets of Los Angeles or almost a year ago in London when he started shooting American Assassin and taking a lot of time for his fans. It’s not everyone who would do that … Du Dylan O’Brien all spat!

In contrast to his partner Tyler Posey who with Teen Wolf has also become one of the icons of his generation , if it is active, Dylan O’Brien made it much more discreet, especially on social networks Which it uses very little. This discretion, however, does not prevent him from not having the support of his fans! They are still there, under any circumstances, for example almost two years ago when the actor was the victim of his accident, the support that Dylan received was of a huge scale, proof that his public Is there. His couple also is an important part of this symbol that represents because it makes totally dream! Dylan O ‘ Brien and Britt Robertson met on the set of The First Time and fell in love. Since and despite their discretion and the many rumors due to it, their love story makes many fans dream. In the end, it takes only a few words to understand the O’Brien phenomenon: talent, naturalness and humor!