Dylan O’Brien wounded, it takes time for his fans!

Entertainment 6 February, 2017

Impossible to be more cute than Dylan O’Brien with his fans! If the actor is overbooked, he always takes the time to give them a little attention in any circumstance. A fan has unveiled an adorable anecdote, discover it!
In early 2017, the cast of Teen Wolf was not spared and it can be said that it began this new year in beauty! Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley were touched by the leak of several very intimate photos and videos … A hacker unveiled images of the intimate parts of the actors, which put them in a rather embarrassing situation. If the interpreters of Scott McCall and Jordan Parrish did not react, Theo Raeken thanked his fans for the support he received despite the dissemination of the videos where he was more than recognizable. Who is it now? Will Dylan O’Brien be the next victim after Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley? The actor’s fans do not hope so! We do not touch the nice Dylan let’s see. And speaking of kindness, we can say that Dylan O’Brien could win the award for cuteness! Always very close to his fans, he never misses an opportunity to come to meet them. An adorable anecdote has resurfaced on the web, enough to become even more fan of Dylan O’Brien …
Dylan O’Brien is certainly one of the most adorable actors with his fans despite his meteoric rise from small to big screen. It is impossible to hate him! The apparitions of the young man at conventions Teen Wolf are quite rare because of his cinematographic projects which now take a long time. But when he is present at one of these events, he does not do things by halves! At a convention a few years ago, Dylan O’Brien made a full card as all his photos, autographs and private meetings were sold-out. A real success! And despite the organization which seemed deplorable during this event, as much by the delays, the heat that it made and by the fact that it had apparently injured to the knee, the interpreter of Stiles remained at the Listening to his fans. If we believe the story unveiled on Twitter, Dylan O’Brien took care of answering all the questions of the fans and during his autographs, when his co-stars had finished, the tail was still long for him , Which did not prevent him from taking his time for each of his fans. In the photos, he was very open and did not hesitate to make poses fun if asked. And even if his knee made him suffer, it was out of question for him to stop everything! The most horrible thing for him? To disappoint his fans and we can say that is far from the case! We can congratulate Dylan O’Brien for his attention to them, not everyone would be so devoted. Hats off to Dylan! Very in love with Britt Robertson, discover 5 cute moments of their relationship! Would you like to meet Dylan O’Brien?