Dynasty: Why the new series of creators of Gossip Girl and Newport Beach will carton!

Cinema 21 May, 2017

While the remake of Dynasty will disembark as soon as the coming back on the CW, find out why the show has every chance to carton!
Glamorous and scandalous! And yes the meltynautes, the new production of the American network promises to put us in full view. Between the ultra trash side and the soap side, Dynasty wants to be faithful to the original show while adding the touch of modernity that should attract those who have never heard of the first version. The CW has put a lot of weight on its new series, especially on Dynasty, which will replace one of the biggest cartoons in the chain, The Vampire Diaries. Orchestrated by the creators of Gossip Girl and Newport Beach rather accustomed to this kind of series, Dynasty leaves with a serious advantage . While Melty’s editor suggested you discover 3 things about Life Sentence,
Pests that we will love to hate
If you’ve watched Dynasty’s trailer, you’ll have been unable to miss out on these up-and-coming borderline characters. Between Fallon who is not cold in the eyes and who is capable of everything to become the new CEO of his father’s box and Cristal who plays her sweet little girl and nice but has an ultimate goal and a well hidden lover, The Dynasty divas should stand out and offer us to enter with delight in cats fights . A little to the Gossip Girl sauce where nothing remained secret long, Dynasty should push the intrigues very far in tribute to his predecessor and we are eager to witness mud fighting!
Scandalous secrets
Like any good soap, we will not miss out on the trash secrets of heroes. If some will be touching, others should put a mess in the dream life of the characters. Whether it was Cristal who tried to make us swallow his innocence and his love for Blake or Steven who does not intend to go into the mold to please his father, no doubt we should We regale the many confrontations that will follow the revelation of ultra trash scandals . All this should be accompanied by a certain depth of the characters and that, we love!
Players known to the general public
In addition to having more than one trick in his bag at the level of intrigues, Dynasty offers us an exceptional cast. Between Nathalie Kelley who was incredible in the role of Sybil at Mystic Falls, of Grant Show who is clearly a regular of the soaps with Melrose Place and Devious Maids or even Nick Wechsler that we thought absolutely no to see on the CW after the cancellation Of Revenge, no doubt that all this little world should offer us storylines as crazy as delicious . With all these elements, Dynasty has all the cards in hand to become the success of the re-entry. While waiting for more info, discover the trailers of the new series of the CW on melty. Are you eager to discover this new series?