E-cigarette : liquids contain irritating products

Health 13 September, 2017


Published the 12.09.2017 at 18h24


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The electronic cigarette is a means of smoking cessation safe ? The issue animates the debate in the community of lung specialists and, in part because of the lack of evidence about its use. Some of the research results does not plead, however, not in favor of vapor.

At the congress of the European Lung Foundation, which is currently being held in Milan (Italy), several studies have been presented in this sense. One of them denounces the presence of irritants in the liquid for electronic cigarette.

Products not complying with the legislation

Researchers from the university of Crete took the chance 122 liquid, e-cigarette among the top selling brands in Europe. They have analyzed in detail their chemical composition, in order to detect the possible presence of irritants to the respiratory tract.

The results are not reassuring : all the liquid contained at least one substance classified as risky by the WHO. The methyl cyclopentanolone (present in 26 % of samples), and the a-ionone (9 %) can cause allergy, asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled “. Agents of flavor, such as menthol (43 %) and vanillin (16.5%), and can also ” cause respiratory irritations “.

“Our research shows that the liquid e-cigarette on the market in Europe contain ingredients that are potential respiratory irritants, regrets the Dr. Constantine Vardavas, a researcher at the university of Crete, and senior author of the study. A European Union directive on e-cigarettes states, however, that apart from the nicotine, the ingredients allowed in the liquid nicotine must not pose any risk to human health, either cold or once it was heated “.