Eat local, seasonal and made in-house : the menu for treatment of Crohn’s disease

Health 8 December, 2017


Published the 08.12.2017 at 12: 00


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“Crohn’s has pushed my daily life of a teenager carefree. “This sentence opens the book-testimony of Jeanne Deumier, Diagnosed with Crohn’s, published by Flammarion. Is 18 years of age, she discovers that she is suffering from this disease. For two years, she will receive treatments. Up to 2013, where she decided to stop everything. Or rather, start all over again. The young woman decides to drastically change its power mode. Today, it is, according to his doctors, in remission total.

Eating fresh, local, and home-made

When the disease has been diagnosed, Jane has followed a treatment with cortisone. Initially, the solution seems miraculous : disappearance of fatigue, because the treatment is excited, the appetite returned, the symptoms disappear. But after some time, his face swells, a lot. But as soon as the doses of cortisone decrease, it all starts again. It was then followed by a treatment with an immunosuppressant, it has been poorly supported. When he proposed a course of anti-TNF-alpha, the young woman refuses : “It frightened me, there was a lot of stress and side-effects.” She then decides to radically change its mode of feeding. A naturopath and an osteopath had recommended to do so, this time, she feels ready.

Finished the prepared dishes and other sweets, she eats local, seasonal and home made. “I’m almost vegetarian, I eat eggs once a week, but most of all of dairy products “. At the end of three months, the effects are felt. “I was no longer the same person “, she explains. Her skin condition improved, she had almost no nausea, was less tired.


Today, she said that she was healed. Last February, during his last colonoscopy, all his sores were gone. “I changed my mode of life at the right time, I had not undergone surgery for the disease, and I didn’t have a lot of ulcerations creusantes, it was easier to operate,” she says. Now, she wants to share her experience. Several studies show that physical activity and dietary changes, allow people to observe changes of the microbiota of the gut, that is to say, of all of the germs that are naturally in the digestive tract and help to better control the disease.