Ed Sheeran: “Adele is the only artist I want to surpass”

Entertainment 29 January, 2017

In a recent interview, Ed Sheeran acknowledged that Adele was his biggest rival. We tell you more!
The redhead is in the place! Back on the front of the music scene after the launch of his pieces “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape Of You” , Ed Sheeran should mark this spring 2017. Yes, his next album ÷ (Divive) leaves the March 3 . So, the great friend of Taylor Swift chained interviews and apparitions to make talk about him. Recently he spoke to the British version of the magazine GQ . Asked about his ambitions and career, the interpreter of “Thinking Out Loud” did not mince his words. And as the Dangerous Woman Tour starts soon Ariana Grande Ed Sheeran more than eager to go back on tour. About the artist that makes it more competition, Ed Sheeran readily acknowledges that Adele is someone who pushes him to excel . He says: “Adele is the person who sold the most records in the last ten years is the only person I want to excel in terms of record sales This is a put *** bearing because.. That his last album sold 20 million copies, but if I do not take it as a reference, I’m not going very far. ”
It is true that Alele is the diva who tends to surpass everyone. Already sold 19.8 million copies worldwide, her album 25 was the biggest selling disc of 2015 and 2016 … . The video for “Hello” still holds the record for most views in less than 24 hours on VEVO platform. And while you were told what is expected of the next album by Selena Gomez (which is back in the studio) , Adele has already been announced on the stage of the Grammy Awards 2017 to be held on 12th of February. And it’s a safe bet that Ed Sheeran will also be there. At the end of his interview with GQ , the 25 year old singer admitted: “I’m not in the competition [creatively] because each has its own direction but once the product is released [the album, Ed ] There is a real race to the finish line. ” If there is likely to be very difficult to match the Adele record sales , there is no doubt that the third studio album Ed Sheeran will mark the year 2017. To recall, his album x (Multiply) Has sold 8.7 million copies worldwide. What do you think of Adele and Ed Sheeran?