Ed Sheeran: Castle on the Hill, why we validate the clip of the big return!

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

Ed Sheeran has just made his big comeback with the clip “Castle on the Hill”. Back on our favorite moments of this touching video and full of nostalgia!
March 3, Ed Sheeran finally release their third album simply titled ÷ (pronounced Divide). If it is not the star who will sing the American national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl , the British singer should still not have these next months occupancy wrong with the promotion of Divide . The machine was launched a few days ago when Ed Sheeran has unveiled two new singles, “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape Of You” , now he returns with his first music video for a long time. Why do we validate this unpublished video that was realized by George Belfield? We give you right away all the reasons that made us love “Castle on the Hill” from the first viewing!
Unlike most current clips are shot in studio, Ed Sheeran chose nature as the main set of “Castle on the Hill” . And it feels good to see real landscapes, outdoors, no frills that could have been added in post-production. We love the simplicity of this video that immerses us in adolescence Ed Sheeran (to stick to the words) and allows us to know his first love story. A band of friends, the English countryside and moments of sharing that will probably make some fans nostalgic. It is also for this difference and his artistic choices against the current admired the singer . We also love the intimate side of “Castle on the Hill” where Ed Sheeran delivers without filter and let his emotions speak. A nice visual feedback that is both tinged with melancholy and warmth! It only confirms what we thought, we’ll take our seats for its European tour starting in March 2017 . What do you think of this new clip?