Eduardo singer announced on Facebook that he will commit suicide

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

The singer Eduardo Pisani, better known under the name of Eduardo expressed her present distress on social networks. On Facebook, he threatened to commit suicide while he may be deported.

eduardo-pisaniHe became known through Song: “I love you on Monday” . In the mid 90s, specifically in September 1995, the French discovered Eduardo and his improbable song. And if it has been quiet in recent years, it is now on the front of the media scene for other reasons. Threatened with expulsion, Eduardo Pisani announced Friday, 2 December his intention to commit suicide. And it is on Facebook Eduardo reveals his distress. In a message posted on his page, he says: “They took away the right to stay in France. I’d rather die. ”
The singer goes even further by unveiling the date on which he intends to end his days: “On December 31, 2016, I’ll kill myself because leaving France is unbearable. I would like to be buried in a cemetery in Paris or the Paris region, even in a mass grave, as long as my body can stay in this beautiful country where I spent a great part of my life. ”
Eduardo, who was a candidate for the French Academy , wanted to share the letter to the police headquarters. On the document, it says that “the demand for residence permits of Mr. Eduardo Pisani is rejected” and that he is “forced to leave French territory within the period of thirty days” . The singer has not resided in France continuously for 5 years and “does not demonstrate to live and reside on the French territory of its own resources” . As stated by our colleagues Eduardo touch the RSA.
Thanks to the many messages of support he received on social networks, Eduardo goes on the offensive and is now trying to challenge the Prefect of Paris. Sunday, December 4, he wrote an open letter to Facebook. “You want to expel me from France while I have a voting card to vote here. I invite you to drink tea in Emmaus Family pension where I live since May 30, 2011, ” he says. He did not hesitate to give him her phone number.
At present, we still do not know if it was told.