Elie Semoun apologizes to Christian of the “12 Coups de Midi”

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

Elie Semoun studied in the same school as Christian of 12 strokes of noon. Remorseful, the comedian who had treated his old friend from ” stupid class ” at RTL, finally held to ask forgiveness.

Since its elimination in the 12 strokes of noon , Christian Quesada is much talked about. After facing criticism from some viewers who accuse him of being favored by the production of the game show , the fifties was mocked Elijah Semoun. At the micro Bigheaded on RTL, the comedian revealed to have studied in the same school as him and did not mince words. When asked if the great master noon was the ” first class “, the former sidekick of Dieudonné replied: ” It was stupid of the class! Everyone did not care about his face, he was really weird! ”
Faced with the polemic that provoked such a revelation on the social networks, Elie Semoun, who obviously regrets having made such hard statements with regard to his former classmate, finally decided to apologize to him on his Twitter account: ” Excuse me for my Christian awkward expression, I’m the moron Congratulations you are the pride of the Descartes high school!” , has he written. For now, the main interested person, far too busy to multiply the television appearances, has still not expressed himself on this subject. It remains to be seen whether he will forgive him.