Elizabeth II doesn’t want them to Meghan Markle have talked to Vanity Fair Gala

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She would not have had to talk to, this is a mistake. At least that is the opinion of those who have fallen to arm shortcuts on his comments about the prince Harry in the last american edition of Vanity Fair. The side of Buckingham Palace, contrary to rumour, we did not flinch. And for good reason: Elizabeth II, which has not yet met Meghan Markle, do not want him…

God save Meghan Markle ! Referring to her relationship with prince Harry in the last american edition of Vanity Fair which has granted him his one and a long portrait, it has broken with the uses, the obligation to be silent as that of the engagement have not been announced, it is true. Even still… Nothing that takes your breath away the crown. ” We are happy and in love (…) I am sure that there will be a time where we will need to disclose publicly, but I hope that people understand that this is our moment to us. It belongs to us and that is what makes it special,” : failing to observe the rule windsorienne of never explain, never complain – “don’t justify, don’t complain” – the heroine of the series Suits, well accustomed to the art of interviews, there is nothing unveiled of compromising.

Critics, however, are fallen… Royal faux-pas ! Lack of respect for Elizabeth II, which she has not yet been presented ! Taste of the banter well, too american, too show-biz ! Anything to worry about or rejoice – both the blunders of Diana and Sarah Ferguson have made the delight of the tabloids in the 80s – for the rest… the Face of Kate Middleton, rôturière british, but good student, almost more royalist than the queen, Meghan Markle, the starlet american, mulatto, divorced and rebellious : the scenario was almost too easy. According to a butler to the royal family, quoted by the Daily Star, Elisabeth would have typed in the item on the table, in his castle of Balmoral, where she finished in the summer. Prince Charles himself would be strangled in front of so many comfortable, before passing the soap to Harry on the phone.

It is not the case. The Kensington palace has conveyed his truth :” This is not true. “ To know what the queen thinks of the future bride of Harry, he will have to wait at a minimum, that the young woman has been presented. It is rumored that the interview could take place before the start of the Invictus Games, sponsored by the younger brother of William, on 23 September, in Toronto. If such be the case, the prince and his actress, who turns his or her series in the same city, will no longer have to hide. Show it officially to the arm of Harry, Meghan would contribute the same to the influence of the activities of the prince. The zero fault, a great session of catch-up.

If Meghan Markle is to be addressed to Vanity Fair without the assent of the crown. Girlfriend of prince Harry since June 2016, recognized as such by a press release from Kensington, requesting the respect of his private life in November of last year, the actress has subsequently closed down his blog, The Tig, and dried up his account Instagram. Titillated on her love of a prince, while she presented the new – and probably last, in – season Suits, in July, she did not flinch, merely to sketch a few smiles. When she resided in London, it is low-profile and capuchonné, that it comes between the railings of Kensington, where her lover awaits.

Waiting for the announcement of her engagement to Harry, that some plan for the month of November next, Meghan Markle does the job.The one which prepares the way for Jason Knauf and Edward Lane Fox, respectively communications manager and private secretary to the prince.

More flexible with age, Elizabeth II, on the other hand, would find nothing to fault with the choice of his grandsons, as long as they make them happy and provide a line at the Windsor. Exceeded by the case of Diana, a shy aristocrat, but transformed into a superstar for vengeance after the failure of her marriage with Charles, the queen would be quite amazed at the ability of Kate and Meghan to support and control the curiosity of the media. End of the kill.

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