Ellie Goulding at Mawazine 2017, she opens the festival as a queen

Entertainment 13 May, 2017

This is the big day ! Ellie Goulding has just launched the sixteenth edition of the Mawazine Rhythms of the World festival.
This year again, the Mawazine-Rhythms of the World festival set the bar very high level line up . From Booba to MHD via DJ Snake, the names announced make you dream . We do not forget the international scene with artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Lauryn Hill, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas , who are counting on going back! In short you will have understood, impossible to miss this! Like last year, the editor of melty jumped into the first plane for Rabat history to witness once again at one of the biggest festivals in the world. You may have seen it on our Snapchat Story ( @melty ) or our Instagram (@melty_en) , the first day was up to our expectations . At the same time, Nothing better than Ellie Goulding to open the ball of this sixteenth edition . Come on, it’s gone for the summary of the day!
We start strong with the press conference of Ellie Goulding. Too hard the life of a journalist … Just like when you went to the showcase of Lacrim , it is with a smile to the ears that one goes in the room, ready to meet one of the biggest stars of the moment . As nice and as talented, the singer answered all the questions that were asked. Regarding Mawazine 2017, she explained : “This is my first show for a long time, I have not been on stage for some time. And it’s so big here, I’m excited to play for my fans. We made a new setlist, I’m going to interpret my feat with Kygo for the very first time. ” After this teasing, let’s just say we were looking forward to it!
Thousands of people met on the OLM Souissi stage to discover the very first concert of the year . At around 9 pm, Ellie Goulding’s haunting voice echoes in every Rabat. The singer has just climbed on stage ready to chain her biggest hits . Between “Lights” , “Outside” or “I need your love” , the crowd present tonight can only dance and enjoy. As Ellie Goulding had promised, she did indeed play her first title with Kygo “First Time” (the song never got so well named). Truce of joke, you know well that all the good things have an end … After more than an hour of magic, Ellie Goulding rings the end of her show with her tube “Burn” and the long-awaited “Love me like you do” . Hats off to the singer who launched the 16th edition of the Mawazine Rhythms of the World Festival as a queen! The following tomorrow with Wiz Khalifa and MHD. So convinced by this first day?