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Entertainment 12 October, 2017


Who would have thought ? Élodie Frégé and Jérémstar know each other for a long time. The columnist Thierry Ardisson evokes the singer in glowing terms in his book : it was also revealed in the interview how they had met.

I don’t know its current work, but I remember him under the name of Jeremy. “Interviewed by TVMag, Élodie Frégé has revealed why Jérémstar devoted to him no less than three pages in his autobiography. No link with the networks of prostitution of the reality tv that he has uncovered, but also heartfelt emotion : the young man assured them that the singer, revealed by Star Academy is the woman who has most affected their lives, with the exception of his mother. “I’ve known very very young, I’m not sure that it was major at the time, tells the story of Élodie Frégé. I remember very well of him because he was really very far as a fan. He came to all my concerts on the side of Lyon, and he always wanted to come see me behind the scenes. I remember that her room was papered with posters of me, that I had marked. I was amazed to see that this boy was as much attached to what I was doing.


The singer, seen this summer on the arm of tennis player Cyril Mokaiesh, said it was affected by the apology by Jérémstar in his book, who admits to having been a fan a little too intrusive. “I find it very touching that he apologizes because very few people realize that it can become scary when the passion of some is too intrusive, “explains Élodie Frégé. Even with the modest success that I was able to meet all my loved ones were brought in, at a given time, be affected by the intrusion of excessive fans in my private life. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do, this is part of the job, especially when we were very exposed to via television or the Internet. So thank you Jeremy.

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