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The big day is approaching in a pleasant atmosphere of late summer. But make no mistake, the pressure is rising among children and their parents ! We will deliver all the keys to live this great moment in peace, or nearly so. By Delphine Germain.

School supplies, new wardrobe, sports activities or art… as early As mid-August, moms, celebrities or not, are on a war footing, the head is filled with lists and goals. Highlight of the tuition, back to school always brings, and despite the decades that pass, will understand why, as much excitement as anxiety among toddlers than among their parents. This year, Giula Sarkozy between the CP, his mother Carla Bruni also, in a certain way. “There are great expectations of the adults, themselves former students. For the sake of protection, they would like to see their children do better than them or don’t face the same difficulties. Unconsciously, they sometimes add to the anxiety , “says Ludovic Gadeau*, doctor of psychopathology.

Whether one is a parent overwhelmed with a tribe of twins or the head of a blended family, follower of the rigor or benevolent mode psy-attitude, ultracompréhensif, in all cases, the reentry should remain a pleasant time. But to get back in the bath, after two months of idleness, it is necessary to mobilize the troops ! Not easy, do you, so nothing like that good old discipline. “Attention, this is not to punish, explains psychologist Suzanne Vallières. But to make the children independent and responsible, the discipline helps to establish the codes of the routine and adhere to them. And the routine, which is essential for them, helps them to locate themselves in time. A week before the beginning of classes, ideally, it would be necessary to readjust the bedtime to find a rhythm close to school hours. We forget the tablet and the games before breakfast. No one beats around the bush not on the choice of clothes, especially before the age of ten years, because the rational thinking is not yet established. The key word is consistency, redo always the same, preferably at the same time, this is the challenge for all parents. ”

Shortly before the day J, it checks the list of supplies, and you take the preschoolers to choose kits and pencils if you have not already done. It ensures that the precise time of reentry. And if the day does not unfold exactly as planned, this does not mean that your pup will miss its year. It is to be patient, to try to put things in perspective and to trust the children, as much as to the teaching that will be delivered. “It is necessary to make a bet on the future : if he doesn’t know how to do something today, it is because it will be able tomorrow. The trust, it is the most beautiful envelopes protective that we can bring to a child “, concludes nicely Ludovic Gadeau. Finally, if your heirs are showing signs of impatience, do not put a caveat to their enthusiasm. The back will be music “in order to mark in a positive way the beginning of the year,” it is said in the ministry of national Education. Students the oldest welcome the newcomers with songs. Then the top hearts and lives back to school !

As Amanda Sthers. Daughter of psych obliges the novelist to success Amanda Sthers advocates tolerance and open-mindedness. Divorced from Patrick Bruel with whom she had two boys (Oscar, 13, and Leo, 11 years), the writer wants to enable them ” to assume what they want to do while respecting the other “. His motto is : try to protect them without forgetting to explain the risks involved in life. “I teach them how to listen but also to disobey. “It has introduced a” day of yes ” : on this day, she should not refuse their requests. At the top, to create a mature relationship with his offspring.

As Jennifer Lopez. Ultragâtés, school-to-home, Maximilian and Emme, twins of 9 years of Jennifer Lopez (the fruit of her union with the singer Marc Anthony whom she is now divorced), do not lead a life quite ordinary. “Everyone told me to go to school normally, they need to have friends. But they are superheureux like that, very balanced. The gist of it is that they should be with their mother “, she defends herself. The twins follow him around, during his tours, up to behind the scenes of the studios. “I want to be there for them and not miss anything. The time passes so quickly. “

As Elodie Gossuin at the head of a tribe of twins : Julius and Rose (9 years old), Leonard and Josephine (soon to be 4 years). “At the beginning, I wanted to be a perfect mother, follow all the precepts contained in the books, but when it is not in the standard, it is guilt. “The ex-Miss France 2001 tells in her Miss mother, the guide of the mother (im)perfect (ed de La Martinière) how she has managed to find a fair extent. The orders of the morning on RFM, it will live to the listeners back to her children, because she wished to accompany them for this big day.

Few rules and few limits… To the psychotherapist Suzanne Vallières, positive discipline and caring is a path to the trust that is essential to become a responsible adult and autonomous.
The practitioner delivers its advice through a book, playful and rich : courtesy, bedtime routine, meals, homework, blended families… Thee-Psych-guide the discipline (The editions of Man).

* Ludovic Gadeau, parenting today : How psychology can help you in everyday life ? (edn In Press).

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