Elsa Zylberstein, “A bag of marbles”: She tells the painful story of her father during the war

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

Throughout her career, Elsa Zylberstein has shown how much her Jewishness counts in her life. To mark the release of a bag of marbles with Patrick Bruel, adapted from the story of Joseph Joffo, she returned for the first time on the story of his father, Jewish physicist of Russian origin, hidden by his mother during the Second World War.

Sold over 20 million copies, A bag of balls of Joseph Joffo adapted today -and for the second times- on screen has a special resonance in the life of Elsa Zylberstein . That’s what she told when promoting the film: ” My father hid during the war ( like the two children of the film, ed) He was in Lyon, with his mom, and sometimes they. did not know where to go. he had no right to say he was Jewish . he was left with a waiter on a bench, he hosted them … it’s a bit like in the movie , There are wonderful people who have been heroes, others have been bastards. ”
His father, Albert Zylbersztejn physicist is Ashkenazi Jewish. Her mother, who worked for Dior, is a Catholic. Elsa Zylberstein was built between these two cultures. Christmas, fir, gifts, and Kippour in family. But in role role of Mina Tannenbaum at The crazy love story of Simon Eskenazy , through Little Jerusalem or The man is a woman like any other , it has continued to explore his Jewish identity . ” M y father was never practicing, but he sent me a story , she once confided to a colleague. My grandmother Sonia, whom I was very close to, fled Nazism and met my grandfather, a Jewish Polish refugee in Paris. At home, I met many survivors of the extermination camps, a number tattooed on the arm. My grandmother overcame exile with his sense of humor . ”
Elsa Zylberstein said he was not ” obsessed ” with its origins. But to the question: ” What is his favorite director? ” The response is immediate. ” Woody Allen !”