Emerald City: Episode 4, the fate of Dorothy our critic!

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Last night, NBC was broadcasting episode 4 of Emerald City, for which we offer you our criticism!
A cinematic series! After episodes 1 and 2 Emerald City, the adaptation of the Wizard of Oz, where we offered you our criticism is last night that the network NBC offered the third episode of its series event! This one did not fail to confirm our first impressions. The series impresses with its imagery, costumes, staging and special effects. Moreover, we can not help thinking that Emerald City , due to its very cinematic appearance (in which the director, Tarsem Singh, is not innocent) would have been more fun to follow as a Binge watching. That said, this chapter entitled “Mistress” has proved much more interesting than its predecessors. Indeed, even if the characters are not currently any more endearing than during the first season, they challenge us more and more . The plot showed us a constantly evolving Dorothy, notably because of the discovery of its powers, which promise great moments, and a wizard of Oz much more complex than we might have believed.
Dorothy’s journey is particularly interesting, not only for the character of Lucas, who is enigmatic and possibly capable of the best as well as the worst, but also for all the trials she goes through. Her encounter and confrontation with Sullivan, the guardian of the Castle of the Witch of the East, her attempt to leave as she came, via a tornado (the scene is beautiful and we are afraid to see her disappear from the country of Oz, but it is not) and the many questions that arise about its origins . On the side of the Wizard of Oz, these are bad omens he receives: the Beast will make his return in about eight days via a hail of fire. We can think that this famous beast will have a strong link with Dorothy since it ends the episode by setting out to meet the Wizard of Oz. So, we understand her principles more with magic, which is a real drug, but especially her relationship with Anna is very interesting. Should we fear for the future of the Wizzard? Possible since this episode shows that the secondary characters are meant to take a more prominent place in the following and are the elements with which it will call.
Finally, the episode does not forget Jack and Tip. Following the scene of the previous episode in which Tip wakes up in a female body, the two friends went to the town of Ev in search of a herbalist who could help her find her former body. But it turns out that Tip is truly a girl and that the elixir of black magic troubled her true nature. When Jack finds Tip, she is shaken by the information and when her friend tries to kiss her, she panics and pushes her so hard that the boy falls deadly from the balcony. Although few now, the character of Tip is for the most intriguing time in the series and we look forward to see what we will book . Next week promises beautiful moments between magic, love and power, as evidenced by the video promo above. While waiting to discover the episode 4, NBC will air episode 12 of season 2 of Blindspot, for which we reveal to you what awaits you! What did you think of this chapter?