Emerald City: Episode 4, the science of Jack and the magic of Tip, our critic!

Cinema 21 January, 2017

Last night, NBC was broadcasting episode 4 of Emerald City, for which we offer our criticism!
More and more captivating! Last week we dévoilions our review of episode 3 of Emerald City ; last night, FOX aired the next chapter, entitled “Science and Magic” . This one cutting with the precedents, in particular by its rhythm which accelerates the narrative, making the plot much more thrilling. The stories come together and offer fascinating interactions. Moreover, we begin to wonder if the series is not going to suffer the syndrome Dawson (ie that the main character is far from being the fan favorite). Dorothy is less present – which is by no means detrimental to the series – in contrast to Tip which is becoming more and more important and intrigues us more than any other. However, Dorothy and Lukas live a new adventure well conducted during which he meets Sylvie, a particularly creepy girl. They confront guards, offering us a powerful scene where Dorothy shoots Eamonn, one of the Magician’s soldiers who recognized Lukas. The suite offers us a beautiful scene intimacy, in music, between Dorothy and Lukas. Unfortunately, this is only a short period of calm before the storm. Eamonn did not succumb to his wound and found our heroes. While Lukas and Sylvie manage to escape, Dorothy gets knocked out by Ojo. What future is waiting for him?
The episode again proposes us to follow The Magician in his fight against magic. His relationship with Anna is definitely one of the highlights of the series, but above all through their exchanges, we discover that The Magician no longer has the ability to bring back the Giants. Also, this plot shows an important point of the series: science has a vocation to replace the magic that must disappear. Finally, the most interesting parts of this chapter are those concerning Tip and Jack. Here is Magic facing Science in all its splendor! On the one hand the girl is arrested in her attempted suicide and is taken to the Glinda orphanage, where the Good Witch of the North encourages her to follow her teachings and eventually become a member of the Magician’s Council to protect Oz. But, West offers him another option: to join her in her brothel. We have every reason to think that she will choose to rally to West, for what she wants is the magic of West.
On Jack’s side, he survived his fall and woke up in a kind of medical facility. Only, the young man realizes quickly that his survival has a price and that he was the subject of the experience of a certain Jane. The discovery of his new body is a highlight of the episode since most of his body, including his heart, has been replaced by metal. You’ll understand, Jack is about to become the one we know as the Tin Man. The scenes with the character are fascinating between his re-education and his interactions with the strange masked woman who turns out to be Lady Ev. Now the young cyborg is in the pay of the sovereign and we wonder with interest what will be the result of his adventure.
Overall, we can say that it is a much more captivating episode than the previous ones that we were offered to see. The story is more interesting and it is increasingly certain that all the intrigues are met in a final that we imagine already breathtaking . Also, note that the actors, especially newcomers, still offer us beautiful performances. And after ? Next week we will discover episode 5 titled “Everybody Lies” . As we see in the video promo, Dorothy will face West and the Magician. A great moment in perspective. Also, the synopsis tells us that “desperately seeking revenge for the death of his sister Dorothy and stalking West employs magical interrogation techniques to get the information it needs. The magician asks the help of the Kingdom of Ev to build an arsenal to help him defeat the Beast forever. Meanwhile, an old acquaintance could be the key to that Lucas can recover his lost memories ” . It was also magical question in episode 3 of season 2 of Shadowhunter, for which we offer our criticism! What did you think of this episode?