Emerald City: Episode 5, the capture of Dorothy, our critic!

Cinema 29 January, 2017

Last night, NBC was broadcasting episode 5 of Emerald City, for which we offer our criticism!
And after ! Following episode 4 Emerald City, for which we offer our criticism , the US network NBC broadcast the fifth chapter of his last born. An episode that we liked very much since, finally, all the main characters found themselves in the same place. After qu’Ojo Dorothy has returned to Wes, in exchange for his captive wife of the Prison Abject, we have witnessed intense confrontation between the two women , the latter showing keen to kill the one who murdered his sister. But we also enjoyed the moment shared between Tip and Dorothy, but especially that between Dorothy and The Magician. Beyond the events surrounding Dorothy, the journey of Lucas and Sylvie was fascinating, especially when Dorothy’s companion goes. These exchanges with Eamon are particularly interesting and promise to advance the story around Lucas.
Once again, the parts devoted to Jack proved to be very interesting for his relations with Langwidere. Throughout the episode, she tells Jack that he is his property, to which the young man explains to him the nature of friendship. In the end, Langwidere kisses him on the lips when he saves them from some drunken villagers. Although it seems a little young for the princess, could it be that we are witnessing the beginning of a couple? Finally, note that for the first time since its launch, the episode ends on a beautiful cliffanger, which does not fail to increase our interest, although it is almost too bad to have had to wait mid-season So that the series captivates us. Indeed, Dorothy will reach the Magician’s quarters and hear a song from the Pink Floyd, emanating from a portable cassette player. After turning off the music, and a verbal exchange begins after Dorothy had asked him if he knew his mother, Karen Chapman, the wizard replies “What? Dorothy? Oh my God. Dorothy, you’re home .” Could he be his father?
Episode 6, entitled “Beautiful Wickedness” , promises many revelations, as we see in the synopsis that says: “Dorothy faced the Magician, which leads him to discover the truth about her past from her. side, Lucas made great efforts to recover the memory, even if it means an alliance with West. the Wizard sets up his plan with Langwidere to prepare for the coming battle ” . Also, the promo video tells us that Dorothy might not just be a Kansas girl from heaven. Our heroine will also find Lucas, which should greatly alleviate it, but this should greatly annoy West. Indeed, we will see that the witches are still wreak havoc and giant will wake up! Latest new that we recommend: Riverdale, for which we offer you all the details of episode 1! What did you think of this episode?