Emerald City: Episode 6, The Magician’s Past, Our Critic

Cinema 4 February, 2017

This week, NBC was broadcasting Episode 6 of Emerald City, for which we offer our review!
More and more captivating! Episode 5 of Emerald City, where we offered you our criticism , had ended on a fascinating cliffanger: The Wizard was visibly in our world and it turned out he knew Dorothy, or at least his mother biological ! This week, NBC therefore broadcast the next chapter, entitled “Beautiful Whickedness” , in which we learned a lot about the past of the Magician. Indeed, we discovered how he had arrived in the Pays d’Oz, where he comes from this aversion to magic and especially what is his connection with Dorothy. It is certain to say that the character was not healthy basic and that his position at Emerald City only accentuated his temperament. These passages which were interested in the past were welcome and allowed to deepen a character intriguing before the war that is preparing. With this episode, we understood that the beast is not necessarily the greatest threat to the kingdom . Indeed, the witches have been imprisoned and repressed in bondage by the Magician and now they rise to recover what they possess, using the very elements that it has forbidden. The question now is who is on which side.
To this question, we begin to have big doubts about the kindness of Glinda. Indeed, it appears that it is at the origin of the loss of memory of Lucas, it is his magic that compels him to forget it and even West is not able to help him. Thanks to Dorothy, West manages to memories of Lucas and discovers with astonishment that the South Mother, the mother of all witches, is still alive and a new generation is running . During this chapter, we really enjoyed the confrontation between Tip and Jack. The girl found herself face to face with her friend now made of metal and Langwidere’s pay. The latter displays a hardness not feigned against Tip, but even more after the death of his father. Henceforth sovereign of a kingdom, it promises to accomplish its revenge on Emerald City. Nevertheless, the ingenious magician him that Glinda is who is to blame for the death of the king, and he provides the means to kill her by offering her a weapon to duplicate . In order to show him the power of this unknown object of the land of Oz, he kills Anna. From now on, we have every reason to fear for the lives of several characters. The beast arrives, the witches are on the march, but The Magician and Langwidere are allied and aim at Glinda. Will Dorothy succeed in stopping this war? Will she manage to protect Sylvie to the end?
Next week we will discover episode 7 entitled “The Came First” , which reveals not only via his trailer, where we see that Dorothy and Lukas arrive in the Kingdom of Glinda, but mostly the latter and the companion of Dorothy are lovers . Finally, we will know exactly who is the young man who crossed the path of our heroine from the beginning. But the next chapter is revealed by its synopsis tells us that “The Wizard launches an assault on a village while his power is threatened and urges West to it for help. Also, Dorothy and Lucas are fighting to keep Silvie safe during their journey north to seek help to Glinda. After suffering a great loss, Langwidere supports his new role as her relationship with Jack continues to become complicated ” . The radius of the new series, we dévoilions you 3 reasons to binge-watcher Santa Clarita Diet! What did you think of Episode 6 of Emerald City?