Emerald City: Must we check out the adapted novelty of the Wizard of Oz?

Cinema 7 January, 2017

Last night, NBC was broadcasting episode 1 of Emerald City! Discover our criticism of this exceptional premiere season adapted from the Magician of Oz!
Sublime but bland! Last night, the US network NBC broadcast the first season of Emerald City, for which we dévoilions you sublime posters , and we can say that dazzled us with its aesthetics. The decorations are sumptuous, as are the costumes, decorations and the smallest details. We are not short of visually defining moments , such as crucifixion, the floating red dress with a particularly powerful witch, torture that it inflicts in a muddy underground prison, it has created for its most unruly subjects. We rethink the funeral dance, or the views of the Kingdom of the Land of Oz. We recognize the unique leg from director Tarsem Singh ( Mirror Mirror, Immortals …) and sets no shortage of references to the film The Wizard of Oz , 1939 with Judy Garland, adapted from L. Frank Baum tale. We find a rainbow in the form of a decoration of stained glass and statues of monkeys in an elaborate system of drones of Oz. There is no doubt, the series is visually stunning!
Beyond these qualities, we can not deny that this series is sorely lacking in charisma and tragically humorous . The fault partly to having wanted to Emerald City too dark, like to stick to a worthy world of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones . The characters are all in dramatic dynamics and the whole quickly becomes anxiety. On the side of the actors, without being bad, we lack charm. Joël Richardson, who is Glinda, is certainly the one with the most subtlety, while Adria Arjona and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who play Dorothy and his companion Lucas, have a hard time shedding the heaviness of their characters Whose passages lead to bland and uninteresting dialogues. Florence Kasumba was definitely the actress most populated of the first episode , but the character of the Wicked Witch of the West disappears as quickly as it appeared. It remains to be seen whether his particularly shocking death is definitive or not! With magic, everything is possible. The big black point at the level of the actors is undoubtedly Vincent D’Onofrio. After so so captivating illustrated in Daredevil , here it is almost insignificant and does not offer anything exciting.
In sum, although Emerald City we offer spectacular imagery rare on television, his concept is hardly comprehensible, especially for such a popular story that the Wizard of Oz. Now he still has 8 episodes in which the plot can evolve and make more unexpected and characters, here too basic, gain thickness . A very good reason to give him a chance. From next week, we will discover the episode 3 entitled “Mistress-New Mistress” which unfolds in a first promo video. As we see, it will be about confrontation, love and power. These images also promise that Emerald City will continue to detach from its source material, which could be beneficial to him. Recently, the series, as well as Legion, Riverdale or Star Trek Discovery were part series we expected more in 2017! What did you think of this first season?