Emilie Broussouloux talks about her relationship with Thomas Holland

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

The son of François Holland, Thomas, has for several months in a relationship with Emilie Broussouloux journalist Telematin. And she did not clear his tongue in his pocket.
thomas-hollandeEmilie Broussouloux is a talented journalist who officiates in recent months in issuing Télématin France 2 Sports Passionate, she specialized in this field, and therefore knows the spotlight. What she likes least visibly is that one comes the tickle on her private life. In a relationship with Thomas Holland, 32 and son of President Francois Hollande , she gave an interview to Téléstar, in which it returns to the supposedly formalization of their relationship: “We have not formalized at all! These are journalists! We went to a party, and photographers pounced on us … As we are not savages, we are not ran away. What made me laugh, is to read the next day: “Thomas Holland formalize its relationship” as if it did not concern me. But all this makes me quite indifferent. ” It has the merit of being clear.
Faced with this output and this false formalization, another young woman in a relationship with a “son of” came to provide advice. On the plateau Hands off my post, where she works as a columnist, Capucine Anav , who is dating Louis Sarkozy, the son of Nicolas Sarkozy , explained: “To have some paid the price, I urge him not not too appear with his companion, simply because it is a journalist, she is beautiful and has a great future lies ahead. And if they appear too, she will be accused of piston. “