Emily Blunt: “I found out I was pregnant a week before filming The daughter of the train”

Entertainment 11 November, 2016

In the film The Girl of the train in which she plays the role of a divorced and depressed alcoholic wife, Emily Blunt entrusts exclusively to Gala by receiving us in a suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York.
Gala: This movie has arrived just at the beginning of your pregnancy. He has been experiencing shooting?
Emily Blunt: I discovered I was pregnant only a week before you start shooting. I said, “Well, this shoot is really going to be interesting!”. (laughs) I managed to hide it as long as I could. As every parent knows, the first three months are terrifying, we just hope everything will go well during pregnancy. Justin Theroux, my partner in the film, is one of my closest friends in life. One day he took me aside to tell me he did not understand why I was afraid to shoot some scenes. He knew that I had done stunts in Edge of Tomorrow “or Sicario . And then I simply asked: “Are you pregnant?”. So I could not hide it.
Gala: How did you manage to embody during pregnancy as a tormented role?
EB: The main difficulty was to do my job as best as possible during the first trimester of my pregnancy, despite my fatigue. When I work, I always separate my life from that of the character I play. These are two totally different worlds. But the daughter of the train , maybe my fragile and febrile finally helped me to interpret this character flayed.
Gala: Does the arrival of a second daughter made you want to have a third child?
EB: I am very pleased to have daughters. My husband (actor John Krasinski ) also seems to feel the same. He was born in a family of boys, therefore, for the moment, he is very happy to have given birth to girls. Personally, I’m living the best moments of my life and I pinch myself every day to be sure that I do not live a dream.