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Entertainment 14 December, 2017


In a testimony chilling published last night, Salma Hayek has in turn broken the omerta for the actions of Harvey Weinstein in the columns of the New York Times. New revelations that have not left marble Emma de Caunes, one of the first to have reported the behavior inappropriate for the producer. The French actress has split a message to be scathing on Instagram.

After having read with attention the interview of Salma Hayek at the New York Times, Emma de Caunes held to react on Instagram. The actress has recovered a photomontage where the célébrissimes giant letters white forming the word “HOLLYWOOD” on the hills of Los Angeles were diverted “Hornywood” (hear hot /scorching).

If the photo is playful, the legend which accompanies it, is much more corrosive. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Harvey Weinstein , king of “Hornywood” is wishing you a merry Christmas, from Arizona ! #whatthefuckaretheywaitingfor ?? #rotinjail ” can we read.

In French in the text, understand ” And now ladies and gentlemen, Mr Harvey Weinstein, king of Hornywood, wish you a merry christmas from Arizona (an allusion to the clinic Meadows where the producer has done a stint…). Emma has embellished his legend of two hashtags of the most equivocal “That is what the other victims are waiting for?” and ” #Pourrisenprison “.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Harvey Weinstein , king of “Hornywood” is wishing you a merry Christmas, from Arizona ! #whatthefuckaretheywaitingfor ?? #rotinjail

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Recall that Emma de Caunes was one of the first to break the silence about one of the best kept secrets of Hollywood. In the New Yorker, the actress was reported one evening in June 2010, at the Ritz hotel, in Paris, where she had been taken with the magnate of the movie. “I was petrified “, had entrusted Emma de Caunes at the New Yorker. But I didn’t want to show him that I was petrified because I know the more he would feel my fear, the more he would be excited. It was like a predator with a wild animal “. And the actress césarisée (sacred 1998 best promising young female for her role in A Brother) to tell that leaving the result of the nabob, he will launch : “we didn’t do anything, it is like a Disney movie “. Emma de Caunes, answered him then : “I’ve always hated the Disney movies “.

At the time when we write these lines, more than 100 women have testified to the bad behavior of the producer, became a pariah in Hollywood.

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