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Entertainment 13 January, 2018


Emma Smet, as the clan Hallyday, tries to make the mourning of his grand-father loved it. To pay homage to him, the young woman cracked a simple gesture, but so meaningful.

Since the death of Johnny Hallyday on December 5, last, loved ones, family, friends and anonymous multiply the tributes to the idol of the young. Maxim Nucci, supposed to finish the album posthumous the rocker, recently signed his big return to the studio, posting, for the occasion, a photo on Instagram with the initials of the Taulier framed two black hearts. Today, it is her granddaughter Emma Smet, the daughter of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefebure, who shows him all of her love via the same social network.

If the young woman of 20 years and wishes to move forward, as she expressed it in her vows 2018 on Instagram, it is not so simple for her to turn the page. Proof is, she just change the “t” de Smet by a cross. A gesture, a priori, innocuous yet full of memories. In effect, this cross is not a simple cross to Emma Smet, as it represents the one his grandfather always wore on his neck. A jewel dear to the rocker that his wife Laeticia wore at the ceremony a tribute to the Madeleine and the fans snapped up now, looking tirelessly replicas. Symbol of the love that wears a granddaughter to her grandfather, this cross bears testimony to the privileged relationship that Emma had with Johnny. A complicity that the rocker has it proudly displayed on his account Instagram.

St barth with my sweet little girl, Emma, a beautiful Sunday 😍

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